Caution to Job Seekers

Never Pay money during recruitment

Legitimate companies don’t ask for money. Remember the employer must be the one in need of you than you do.Genuine employers first plan and budget for the entire recruitment process including all the necessary requirements,therefore asking for money for any facility or facilities is the best way of cheating you or conning you.You imagine sponsering your boss to be!!!

Claim to have found your resume online.

They say they found your resume online. They either offer you a job right away or say they want to interview you yet you didn’t make any attempt to apply in their organization. Sometimes the scammers will try to entice you by saying that you made the cut and they are interviewing the finalists for the job.

Vague Job Requirements and Job Description

Scammers try to make their emails sound believable by listing job requirements. Usually, these requirements are so ridiculously simple that almost everyone qualifies: Must be 18 years old. Must be a citizen. Must have access to the internet. (You wouldn’t be reading their email if you didn’t have internet access, right?) The job requirements don’t mention years of education or experience. As a rule of thumb, if it’s a real job, the requirements will be quite specific.

Job scam emails usually don’t include clear job descriptions, either. Many job seekers say that when they ask for a job description or list of job duties, they get the brush-off. The interviewer either ignores the questions or says something like “Don’t worry, we’ll train you.”

Never Provide Confidential Information ​to unknown people.

Some scammers ask for your bank account information to set up direct deposit or transfer money to your account, or ask you to open a new bank account and provide the information to them:

Other scammers will tell you to go to a website and fill out a credit report form or provide confidential information so they can “put you on the company insurance.” Identity theft scams try to get you to provide your Social Security number and birth date and other personal information.

Before entering personal information online, check to make sure the website is secure by looking at the web address bar. The address should be https:// not http://